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Truck Driver Staffing Information

Truck - Contact Us in Jackson, Mississippi, for CDL Truck Driver Staffing and Employee Leasing. Truck - Contact Us in Jackson, Mississippi, for CDL Truck Driver Staffing and Employee Leasing.

Driver Qualifications
With respect to professional qualification of drivers, we do not teach employees to drive trucks. It is our belief that our customers and we are better served if we recruit and hire experienced drivers with a minimum of 1 year doing the type of work we expect them to do. A driver must meet Dependable Source's high standards to be considered for employment. Drivers average 2 - 8 years commercial driving experience.

A certificate of insurance will be provided for the following coverage: worker's compensation and general liability.

Driver Retention
Loyalty is a natural result of fair treatment, personal involvement, timely dissemination of information, and responsiveness to employee needs. It is Dependable Source's policy to have a high level of in-person contact between employees and Dependable Source operating management. We also make sure that all employees are informed of any management decision affecting their employment on a timely basis to preclude the grapevine method. We establish work rules at the outset and enforce them uniformly. We also recognize superior performance with commendations as appropriate. We handle personal needs on a timely and equitable basis, as well as maintain visible and accessible management.

Policy Manuals
Dependable Source's practice is to customize an operations manual to reflect each customer's specific needs. This manual would outline work rules, paperwork requirements, and other information essential to the drivers for the efficient performance of assigned duties. We would, of course, expect to work with our customers' operations personnel to develop a driver manual reflecting the needs of your company.

Drug Policy
Dependable Source's drug testing policy has been designed to meet all federal and state requirements.

Invoicing Procedures
You would receive each week, for each location, an invoice providing detailed information with respect to costs and expenses for each employee.

Contact Us in Jackson, Mississippi, for CDL Truck Driver Staffing and Employee Leasing!

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